Developing Lebanon – New Blog by the Safadi Foundation USA

Washington, DC – We are pleased to announce the launch of “Developing Lebanon,” a portal for Lebanese civil society information. Civil society is an integral part of the reform process and critical to the stability of any democratic country. Lebanon has a vibrant civil society that is involved in all facets of life and development sectors, and these organizations have a critical role to play in building a sovereign and independent Lebanon.

Developing Lebanon ( is designed with the grassroots in mind and will be a way for civil society organizers to connect with each other and to share best practices, success stories, and lessons learned. Coordinating reform efforts will enhance the success of programs and help civil society organizations benefit from other organizations’ strengths and expertise. This blog aims to be a civil society clearinghouse of news, events, and case studies.

Each week Developing Lebanon will spotlight civil society organizations, highlighting their programs and successes. We will conduct interviews with civil society leaders, government officials, and Lebanese citizens on their thoughts and ideas about how to move Lebanon forward in the reform process. The blog will also contain a weekly sector segment focusing on reform efforts in a particular sector, including business, environment, and education, among others. Information about US policy towards Lebanon and Washington-based think tanks that have Lebanon programs will also be routinely included.

In the blog’s sidebar, you will find a list of civil society organizations in Lebanon and across the globe linking to each organization’s website. This list aims to be inclusive and will grow as we discover more organizations working to help overcome Lebanon’s development challenges.
Safadi Foundation USA is a non-partisan registered 501 (c) (3) public charitable tax-exempt organization dedicated to promoting a national and strategic framework for Lebanon’s development.

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