Panel Discussion on Arab Countries in Transition

Stimson, Marshall Foundation, and Safadi Foundation USA
are pleased to announce a panel discussion on
An Update on International Support
One Year after the Deauville Partnership
Date: Monday, April 9, 2012
Time: 10:00 AM- 11:30 AM
Location: Stimson
1111 19th Street, NW 12th Floor
Washington, DC 20036

As international leaders prepare to gather next month for the U.S.-hosted G8 summit in Camp David, Arab nations in transition continue to face significant economic challenges.  The Deauville Partnership launched in France at the previous G8 summit in May 2011, established a political and economic framework to support the historic transitions launched by the “Arab Spring.”  What progress has been made since then?  How do G8 members plan to address the deepening economic challenges?  What is the role of international financial institutions?  What are the prospects for this initiative to evolve into a sustainable partnership between the West and the Arab world that ensures the region’s successful transition?

Panelists will discuss the latest initiatives and highlight areas that are in need of greater support.


Masood Ahmed, Director, Middle East and Central Asia Department, International Monetary Fund;

Inger Andersen, Vice-President, Middle East and North Africa, World Bank;

Dr. Peter Howard, Coordinator for the Deauville Partnership, Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, US Department of State; and

Mona Yacoubian, (Moderator), Director, Pathways to Progress: Peace, Prosperity, and Change in the Middle East Project at Stimson.

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