Al Amal Institute for the Disabled

Al Kafaat

Al Mabarrat Association

Al Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve

Arab Cultural Club

Association for the Development of Rural Capacities

Association for Forests, Development & Conservation

Association for Volunteer Services in Lebanon


Azm and Saade Association



Chronic Care Center


Friendship Home

Friends of the Disabled Association

Foundation for Human and Humanitarian Rights

Hariri Foundation

Institute for Human Rights

Imam Sadr Foundation

Injaz Lebanon

Lebanese Association for Education Studies

Lebanese Association for Energy Saving and for Environment

Lebanese Association of SOS Children’s Villages

Lebanese Center for Policy Studies

Lebanese Council to Resist Violence Against Women


Lebanese Cooperative for Development

Lebanon Family Planning Association

Lebanese Foundation for Permanent Civil Peace

Lebanese NGO Forum

Lebanese Parliamentary Monitor

Lebanese Transparency Association

Lebanese Welfare Association for the Handicapped

Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association of Beirut

Mouvement Social

National Institution of Social Care and Vocational Training

National Rehabilitation and Development Center

Orphan Children Relief and Rescue Association

Palestinian Human Rights Organization in Lebanon

Professional Mutual Aid Association

Renè Moawad Foundation

Sidon Orphan Welfare Society

Social Welfare Institutions

Youth Against Drugs


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