Safadi Foundation USA

Safadi Foundation USA (SF USA) is a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt nonprofit charitable organization that was established in Washington, DC in 2008 to advance strategic support for Lebanon’s human development. Since 1999, the Safadi Foundation in Lebanon has been fostering innovative strategies to rebuild the lives of Lebanese citizens in the aftermath of civil-war and the growing challenges resulting from the current refugee crisis. The Foundation’s activities in Lebanon in the areas of education, job training, rural development and sustainable agriculture, culture and sports, women’s rights, and youth development have been vital elements that have helped ameliorate the negative affects of conflict and poverty in an effort to build a more secure future for Lebanese citizens. The Foundation seeks to promote a cohesive society filled with opportunities by supporting the individual and collective capacities of citizens. Building upon the pluralist nature of Lebanon’s history, the Foundation hopes to create a national environment that preserves the values and heritage of coexistence as a way to reduce social barriers between people.